Three friends enjoying a drink

3 Apr 2017

Are you a New Yorker?

Welcome to our website and to the exciting world of New Yorker Fine Lager Beer. A new global brand, New Yorker, was launched in February 2017 and, by late spring, will be available in more than 25 countries.

Being a New Yorker is a mindset. An attitude. An edge. Anything is possible. Aim high, work hard but by all means play hard and enjoy yourself. Achieve your aims but have a great time getting there. This is what New Yorker Beer represents.

You don’t have to live there, work there or even have been there to be 100% New Yorker. It’s all about your approach to life and how you live it.

You don’t have to be from there to be from there.

New Yorker drinkers all over the world share one thing: An attitude.
A can DO, can BE, can WIN attitude that will make you 100% successful. 100% New Yorker.